Team based high octane business simulator focused on developing the attributes required to succeed in a fast paced and competitive environment

Win the Race – what is SimPACE?

Turbo charge your business Heartbeat​

Use our complex and accelerated real time simulation to increase the tempo of your organisational heartbeat by developing key attributes of your people.

effective Decision Making

Under pressure and often with ambiguous ​and confusing data

Teamwork​ and collaboration

You will need to work as a team and collaborate if you want to pull all the levers available and succeed


Against AI powered independent actors and other human teams ​

Strategic Planning

Analyse the problem and come up with a plan. Take action!

Risk Management

Understand, quantify and be comfortable with rusk


People and organisations to take responsibility for their actions

Customer Primacy

The customer comes first – you will need to focus on what the customer wants be accountable for their experiences

Operational Tempo

It will be fast and furious – you will need to maintain a high operational tempo to keep up with and defeat your competition.

Information Analysis

You will be swamped with information & data – how will you sort the wheat from the chaff?


A shared understanding of the current situation will be crucial to success – this will only be achieved through effective communication.

The Learning Loop

Observe the outcomes of your actions and adjust your plan appropriately. Maintaining a constant learning loop will be key to your success.

Commercial Awareness

Your ability to trade and sell in a fast paced competitive environment.

Develop An Agile Strategy for Success


Understand your Context

Create shared mental models to test your understanding

Actively observe and interrogate


Decide & Agree on next steps

Think about risk

Think about reward

Think about certainty


As a team, Do it!

Take action


learn from the impact of your actions and adjust your plan

Constant feedback loop


We put over 200 senior managers from a large German automotive manufacturer through SimPACE at Silverstone. 30 teams of 7 or 8 competed against each other to make the most profit over a simulated year of trading, with the winning team of the day making an impressive £46m profit.


Bespoke path to success

Leadership Days

Focussed developmental Sessions

Packages Tailored to your needs

We can deliver both focussed development sessions for smaller teams and one-off sessions for much larger groups. Get in touch to find out how we can put a package together than to meet your organisation’s needs.

Our Coaching Team

We have assembled a multi disciplined team with the experience required to expertly coach and mentor your people

Peter Brookes-Smith

Founder, Mentor & Technical Lead

Simon Knocker

Founder & Mentor

Luke Davey


Sarah Sweetman


Dave Pounds


Richard King Smith


Kerry Thompson


David Brookes-Smith


Lindsey Bain


John Reilly​


Alan Maloney​


Neil Burrows​


Anna McGhee​


Ivan Shaw


Stuart Wall​


John Clarke


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